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KANA offers a comprehensive range of advanced thermosetting resins like. Unsaturated Polyesters resins and Gelcoat, Vinyl Esters, Phenolic & Epoxy Resins for the composites industry with global quality standard. Most modern manufacturing facilities, in process controlled by precision delivering batch-to-batch consistency. Kana will fortify its expertise in providing high end composite parts, to the fast growing Indian & International market.

Epoxy Resins

Kana offers a range of adhesive infusion Epoxy resins and Hardner systems for application in industry segments like wind energy, electrical insulators and Automobile Application.

Phenolic Resins

Due to increase the demand very high critical standard of worldwide for fire safety in mass transport, aerospace, automotive and oil field industries, Kana offers phenolic resins that are inherently fire resistant, demonstrate low-smoke generation and have high-temperature resistance.

They are suitable for a variety of processing techniques, including hand/wet layup, RTM, pultrusion, prepeg and autoclave. Many of these resins meet fire safety specifications from such stanadard like UL94, BS, ASTM E84.

Phenolic Resins Phenolic Resins & Hardener

Unsaturated Polyester Resins

KANA’S, Isophthalates, and Vinyl Esters resins and GelCoats are highly effective resins for FRP composites because they have excellent mechanical and corrosion resistance properties.

KANA 980 Isophthalic Resin

KANA 980 is unsaturated Polyester resin having medium viscosity and high reactivity based on Isophthalic acid and standard glycols, dissolved in styrene monomer. It is designed specially for pultrusion application.

This resin rapidly wets the surface of glass fiber reinforcements. In order to control the shrinkage, addition of low profile additives are recommended.

KANA 980 Isophthalic Resin

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