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Kana composite sheets like G10, G11 and FR4 Epoxy glass laminated sheet are electrical alkali-free glass woven fabric base impregnated epoxy resin binder by processing under pressure and heat, which have extremely high mechanical strength, good dielectric properties, good electric strength properties and fine heat and humidity resistance. In addition, FR4 sheet Widely range of applications, for example: Suitable for using as insulating structural parts in electric equipment, such as electric generators, motors, switch board, pcb , etc. 

Composite materials in the form of sheets, boards, hollow pipes, solid geometrical profile are used for making fabricated parts as per customer requirements. Fabricated profile will done by cutting , machining and drilling which all operation being performed by skilled person with advance technology machines. A detailed quality check from procurement of raw material to in-process and then at final product level is done to ensure fitment to use as per customer expectation.

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